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2004-2007 Excessive Packaging Restriction Project, Environmental Protection Administration
  • To implement waste source reduction work, the promotion of the “Excessive Packaging Restriction” legislation was carried out on the basis of the “2003 Excessive Packaging Restriction Optimal Control Strategy Project” plans.
  • To guide the industries to meet packaging requirements to reduce regulatory impact and to educate the public to avoid purchasing over-packaged products.
  • Plan excessive packaging audit processes and personnel practical training.
  • Promote green package design.  
  • Provided excessive packaging law informational workshop, guided designated industries in product manufacturing, transportation and retailers to comply with the law and regulation.
  • Collected and analyzed designated products’ packaging situations and improvement plans, analyzed the effectiveness of packaging reduction for various stages to understand the impacts to the industries.
  • Organized informational workshop about the law, conducted green package design competition, produced “Excessive Packaging Implementation Handbook”, built related advocacy websites for educational purpose.
  • Studied audit operation processes, built package audit database system, assisted in training local executing authority inspectors.
  • Assisted in the formulation of the Excessive Packaging Restrictions case review key operations and packaging inspection agency audit. 
  • Built green package design principles and implementing procedures to assess possibilities of the project for various package green design promotion, developed “Green Packaging Design  Promoting Project” (draft).
  • Pilot product green design work, and related product business category, such as (A) home appliances, (B) information communication products, (C) toys, etc., for (a) source reduction, (b) re-use, (c) conducted product life-cycle impacts analysis. 
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